I am fascinated with video production. After I received my Mass Communication B.A. (with a broadcasting option) in 2004 at California State University, Hayward, I was left with a hunger to expand and incorporate other media onto video. In 2006 I returned to the same school with a new name, chasing after my dreams.

As a multimedia graduate student I meet classmates that had a strong passion for the art of immersive enviroments and created in a joint effort the Story of Bodie.

On my spare time I enjoy creating manual arts, nature, taking photographs, and creating digital images. I am a passionate music lover and enjoy listening to live music. As the evening turns into night, I look outside and wonder how to capture that feeling into a media, going beyond video and sound, and being able to convey that sensation to the viewer. The creation of such experiences covets my mind as I look forward to expanding my media.


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